This is our very first album "Human Dong" back from 2012, which is a very eclectic record. Every song represents a certain musical style and features various singers and instrumentalists that perfectly blend in and bring them to life.

The instruments that runs like a common thread through these soundscapes are the vibraphone and the marimba.

Featured guests are: Farina Miss (voc), Ismael Barrios (perc), Vesna Petkovic (voc), Burkhard Frauenlob (keys), Silvio Gabriel de Cuba Libre (voc), Patricia Moreno (voc), Disc Jockey Rico (rap voc).




Here is a collection of songs from this very album, performed live at the Orpheum in Graz, Austria.

All videos by Stefan Schmidt (AVBaby).

"Zawinul in Istanbul"



"You can be free"